A Montessori Kitchen (2)

As Bean gets older, she wants to imitate mom and dad more in the kitchen. We put together her own set of toddler-sized and friendly tools, in addition to the vegetable knife and egg slicer, to let her explore more skills in the kitchen.

Bean’s age: 21 months

Toddler kitchen arsenal

Clockwise, from left: Silicon mini whisk, small vegetable peeler, mini ‘retro’ colander with handles, ceramic mortar and pestle, egg slicer / cutter, vegetable cutter with wide handle.

1. Vegetable Peeler (with wide handle)

Everyday I’m peelin’

The wide handle is perfect for a toddler’s hand to grip, and it took a few tries before Bean realized which direction to pull away from. Carrots are an ideal vegetable to start with as they are easier to hold onto.

2. Removing Mushroom Stems

One mushroom down, two more to go…

No tools required! Pulling the stems off mushrooms.

3. Mini Colander with Handles

Blueberries for my yoghurt!

This colander is a dream. We’ve been showing Bean how to rinse her own small fruits (blueberries, strawberries or grapes) for breakfast or her midday snack. The handles are just the right distance apart for small hands (and arms!).

4. Scooping Yoghurt


The Montessori scoop and transfer with marbles / nuts translates well to scooping yoghurt. We use a small spoon – expect a mess at the beginning!


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