Welcome to my blog! This is where I share the three main facets of my ongoing experience with parenthood:

1. The Montessori Method
2. Cool Finds (especially for travel!)
3. Books, books, books

I’ve been settling into the role of Mom since September 2015. It’s been quite the ride – with warm, fuzzy cotton moments, to deep inhales…exhales…, to simultaneous exhaustion, frustration, wonder and pride. It feels like something I won’t ever quite get the hang of (because they keep growing!) but is nevertheless incredibly validating and satisfying. I’ve said “no” more times in the last four months of toddlerhood than I have my entire teenage life, and memorized enough nursery rhymes to fill a compendium.

This blog is for my infinitely demanding yet magical little person, and any other person who is interested in the long days, short years of parenthood. Hopefully one day, if the internet or blogs still exist as they do in their current form, she can peruse these pages in either nostalgia or embarrassment.



This is Bean – the toddler who inspired this blog – and she’s been causing all sorts of chaos since September 2015. Similar to other kids, she has things that she likes and dislikes. She likes dinosaurs, bulldozers and pizza. Vacuum cleaners and her food touching? Not so much. She has a mixed relationship with dogs and birds.




DISCLAIMER: The content of this blog is aimed at family and friends, and I have no affiliation with any product featured. All products are used and tested by myself and/or my daughter.